Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The first day of school

Sarah has her first day of school on September 17th. It's a pretty big deal in Germany. When Juergen graduated with a PhD from the University, he picked his diploma up in some basement (no ceremony). They have a big ceremony, followed by the kids first hour of class. Then the photo's, and gifts. Every child is celebrated. It's cool! Today we packed her back pack with all the new school supplies. Now I'm thinking of what she should wear. Sarah hates dresses, but on this one day she will wear a dress. I saved the corduroy jumper Nicole wore on her first day of school. It fits Sarah now (Nicole began school a year and 1/2 earlier then Sarah). I bought a very cute German sweater to go with the jumper. Now I want to find a nice white blouse, and cute German shoes. I'm going for a Heidi look. I think she will look adorable! I may change my mind and actually buy Sarah a dirndl. The photo from the first day of school is almost as important to Germans as a wedding picture. I want it to be good! This photo is of Nicole's first day of school. She graduates this year. Oh where has the time gone? I also added the photo's of Thomas and Philip. Jessica cried so much on her first day of school, you do not want to see the photo. My beautiful Jessica turns 19 years old tomorrow. I'm really feeling old!

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