Saturday, August 7, 2010


I'm really wiped out. The kids have summer vacation and they have been bouncing off the walls. It rained all week. Their friends were out of town. So here we were and it was loud! It's not so easy for me to take them out by my self when I'm also watching Jessica (Jess is almost 19 and has autism). Juergen was working, and my daughter Nicole was at camp. We got out a few times, but were home most of the week. It was so loud. I feel like Mrs. Bennet In Pride and Prejudice, "Oh my poor nerves"!. But now Juergen is in the living room packing the boys back packs! They will spend a whole week playing Robin Hood at a Christian camp, and I'll spend a more quite week at home with the girls. We are going to paint and bake. Girls are a vast more civil then ADHD 12 year old boys! I love my boys but I'm glad they are going to camp! Please pray for them. Pray God really blesses them at camp.

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