Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mr fix it!

Philip has taken his friends bike apart in our front yard. He is fixing the tire. He fixed his bike too. He seems to like this kind of work. Maybe there is a future for him as a bike mechanic? I was thinking about how important it is to encourage what ADHD kids can do. There is a pretty long list of things Philip and Thomas have trouble with. There is also a long line of folks that tell them what they are doing wrong. It's very important to encourage them in their gifts. One of Philip's gifts is working on bikes. He is also pretty good with people. I had 4 kids parked in my yard watching Philip work. Philip is a friend magnet.
Thomas is alone. He is shy I think. He got the good grades, and a box came about an hour ago with Lego. He is perfectly content putting it together alone. Thomas is very concentrated when it comes to Lego. He could do it for hours. It's a misunderstanding to think someone with ADHD can not focus. They can get lost in a task, and miss everything else. They get distracted! Thomas can build amazing things with Lego. It's a gift!
I got them a play station 3 today. The Nero feedback equipment that works with play station is on it's way. We should get it anytime now. We are going to put away all the other video games, and see if we can not do some neuron feedback therapy this summer vacation! I’ll let you know how it goes. It is suppose to really help kids with ADHD. I had to give it a shot. It cost me a pretty penny. I admit I have high expectations!

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  1. It's good to encourage their gifts we all have them.