Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hair cuts

This morning we all worked hard in the garden. It's looking pretty good. This after noon I took the kids to a Chinese place for lunch. Then they got a hair cut while I did the shopping. I need my hair cut too, but I'll go alone another time. Tonight we watch Germany play their final world cup match. It's very hot here (over 100F). I'm spent! We are suppose to get some rain tomorrow. I hope that's true. Juergen took Sarah swimming. I'm planning on taking the kids to see a movie after church tomorrow. At least there will be air conditioning! I must say, the boys started off not working in the garden, but eventually really worked hard. I have zero idea how to get them going...but I'm grateful it was a positive experience. Philip is no University Professor. I am hoping to give him a strong work ethic so he can succeed at something.

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