Monday, June 7, 2010

Everyone needs to find a place where they belong

Should we move Thomas to another school? He is so "out of it" because he doesn't watch the Simons and South Park. He does not have a cell phone loaded with Porn. We don't allow this stuff. Maybe he should go to a Christian school? It's getting really hard for him. He can not make any real friends. There is a school about 25 mins away by car. The bus service is very poor (almost 2 hours by bus). I would have to drive him for the next 5 years. It's such a hard age. He does not feel comfortable with the social situation at school. I don't know if it would be any better at a Christian school. I do know that the cell phones are not allowed, and most of the kids have parents that don't allow South Park. Maybe he would have a better time connecting? He is a sad and lonely kid. He really needs to feel like he belongs!

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