Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Accept what you can not change, change what you can

God, give me wisdom! I just spent 2 hours helping Philip with his math. He has some serious learning problems. He is in the 4th grade and struggles with 2nd grade math. By his age he could even be in the 5th grade. It's very hard to stay calm and not give up hope. Philip has ADHD. His medication wears off in the afternoon. He was not paying attention, playing with whatever, 100% distracted. What a battle! But I stayed as calm as I could, and kept fighting the good fight. Eventually we hit a point where he really got it. At that point, he finished the work quickly and well! He even asked for more problems to solve. I guess I feel like we won the battle today, but I'm tired and I have a killer headache. I could have given up...just said he can not learn. But he can learn with an unusual amount of labor. Maybe we will get the video game technology NASA invented. Maybe it will help. But I can not give up. By the grace of God Sarah learns easily. I bought a first grade German program for the computer. We began using this today. She finished the tasks well in a short time. She begins school in the fall. I have started to work with her now, just to be sure she can manage the work. I think she will do fine. Life is so unfair. For Sarah learning is easy, for Philip each task takes 100 times as much work. But he makes progress. Eventually he will get it. Today we won the battle! I will not think about tomorrow, I will be glad in the now. God only gives us the grace to live today. Today I passed the test!

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