Sunday, May 9, 2010

to the mother they never knew

It's Mother's day and I received a table full of home made gifts from my 5 kids. 3 of our children are adopted. Philip, Thomas and Sarah never knew their birth parents. They get allot of questions about their "real" parents. I assure them I am a very real parent...but they also have birth parents. Maybe these parents think of the kids...I imagine they must. I can not imagine how hard that must be. They gave birth to lovely babies. They probably have no idea what has become of them. If I could talk to them directly I would tell them their children are a gift to my life and a gift to this world. They eat me out of house and home. They are growing allot right now! They all do better and better in school. They all finally have friends. They all love sports and music. They are funny and full of life. They would make any parent proud. We are working on character issues, teaching them to be honest, teaching them to work. I'm certain they will all do well in the future. And they love the country they are from...they know about you. They ask about you. They do not think badly about you. They know you made a difficult choice...I hope they will always respect your choice was made because you loved them. I'm sorry they do not know you, but maybe one day they will. I thank God for the opportunity I have to be their mom. You should know they are loved and happy!

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