Saturday, May 1, 2010

gay adoption

I'm sure gay people can make fine parents but there is the question of "is it right". Part of the reason God does not like homosexuality is because it is not fruitful (you can not produce children). Adoption is a way around that but is it right? I morally think it is not, but our society is no longer moral. I personally think it’s best for kids to have mothers and fathers. But I also know single mothers and fathers that do great jobs parenting. I guess there is always going to be a stress between the good and the best. We have lost our moral authority. We say gay people should not adopt but many children spend their lives in orphanages and foster care because married couples do not adopt. We say what is best for kids, but we make no commitment to doing it! There should be a list a families waiting for the children that need families. There are sadly a large number of children waiting…and few parents willing to do the job. If you are agents gay adoption…what are you really willing to do to meet the need?

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