Monday, March 22, 2010

Just busy

I was in America for 10 days helping my Mom and Dad. I wish I could have stayed a month. I got Sarah this cute robe to wear when she swims. She is in a swim club that meets every Monday, and also swims at school. My brother got her the red hat. She loves the hat. Winter looks like it's gone. I hope the hat still fits next winter. We have been real busy now that the weather has gotten nice. The kids are spending allot of time playing roller hockey. I bought them hockey sticks and a goal/ nets. They already had rollerblades. They play with the other kids in the neighborhood. I'll try to get pictures. We are going to be celebrating Sarah’s 3rd year home pretty soon (April 9). We actually don’t make a big deal of gotcha days. We celebrate the kids birthdays, just like birth kids! I guess a big part of that is the fact we have 5 kids. There are already too many other big events going on. Enough is enough! Also, gotcha days are days of both joy and loss. We got our kids, but they lost their country and everything they once knew. A boy at school has been asking Philip about his “real” family. I told Philip we are his “real” family. He has a birth family in Thailand but we are not fake, we are very real. Philip said he doesn’t think he could ever find his birth family. I told him maybe we couldn’t, but maybe we could? I told him I’m sure they would be very happy to know how well he is doing. They love him I’m sure. We could look someday if he wants to. I wish we could find them. I’m not afraid of that connection. I think Philip, Thomas and Sarah would all be better off knowing their whole story. We are real, we are not going away. But they came from somewhere, and they have grandparents, and cousins, maybe brothers and sisters, a birth mom and a dad. I wish they could know these people too. I’m sure their birth families did not abandon them because they just didn’t want them. I’m sure they felt they had to do it for what ever reason. They probably wonder how the kids are doing. I wish I could say they are all doing great! They are beautiful children and I’m so blessed they are mine!

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