Friday, March 26, 2010


I brought from America 5 Dr Seuss books to read to Sarah. We have read all 5 books a dozen times. She loves them! I once had 100's of children’s books but Jessica decided to tear them up. It was heart breaking. Today I just went on Amazon and ordered 25 of my favorite kids books. Dr Seuss, Sesame St and Richard Scary. It cost more for the postage then the books because I got most of the books used. Now I've got to invest in a bookshelf with a lock on it. We will have hours and hours of fun reading together. BTW, I read to Sarah in English and Juergen reads to her in German. I'm teaching her how to read too. Nicole read in English before first grade, then learned to read in German in school. Nicole graduates God willing from one of the best high schools in Heidelberg next spring. It was hard for her in the first 2 years (English and German) but eventually became a big advantage. The boys never liked to be read to. That was probably because they are both ADHD. Thomas can read at grade level, but doesn't like books much. Philip struggles with reading but is making good progress. I'm happy Sarah likes books.

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