Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An African sack garden

Today Nicole and Sarah helped me build our first African sack garden. The idea comes from an aid org. called Send a Cow. They teach poor families in Africa sustainable agriculture. You need a gunny sack, a large PVC pipe, stones to fill the pipe, and soil to surround the pipe. You drill holes in the pipe, then place it in the center of your sack. Fill the pipe with stones. Surround the pipe with good soil. Then we put 3 bamboo sticks next to the bag, and wrapped it with rope for stability. Plant the top, and put small cuts in the sides to plant . We managed to plant 32 lettuce starts in this small bag. You water it through the pipe. We hope to build 4 more bags. They don't take allot of space. Nicole is thinking of teaching the poor families in Baja Mexico how to use a sack garden.

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