Saturday, January 2, 2010

You need to be a learner

We try to talk about Thailand and China allot. We have also taken the boys to Thailand two times on vacation. I'll take Sarah to China too someday. Thomas wanted to color his hair yellow. That's when I knew he had to be connected to home. I take Nicole to America too. She isn't adopted but needs to be connected to her birth country. In our house there is only one real German (Juergen) and he actually didn't grow up in Germany. A kid has to be proud of where they are from. It is the only way to stand up to the mean people who say hurtful things. There are only 2 German kids in Philip's class, and there are kids from 6 different countries in Thomas' class. There aren't any other Thai kids, but at least they are not the only one who is "different". This is super important!

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