Thursday, January 21, 2010

Roe v. Wade

Thank God that Sarah was adopted not aborted!

Abortion became legal in 1973. Since then 60,000,000 babies lost the chance to learn, grow, laugh, cry and love and know love. I could never understand how a women’s rights to her own body gave her the right to kill a child. When I was a student at Oregon State University I gave speeches in favore of life. It seemed to me that the strongest argument for abortion was a women’s inability to raise her child. It was then I understood you can not really be pro life unless you are pro adoption. I agree with Mother Teresa’s statement "if you do not want your children then give them to me". I have a disabled daughter. I understand the work, the grief and the struggle. But I stand by my words. All life has value. It is a dark spot on Americas history, 60,000,000 babies that just aren't there. It is our loss. All the teachers, writers, doctors and poets. All just not there. We have lost so much. I pray it all stops. That we will one day realize it really is better to lovingly give a child away for adoption then denying them life. Until that day I will promote life by promoting adoption. Adoption is the solution...and as the parent of 3 adopted kids I can honestly say it's a gift!

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