Friday, January 8, 2010

One month until she turns 7

Sarah turns 7 in one month (Feb 7). I was praying with the kids before bed tonight. Tomorrow we visit with Thomas' and Philip's Godparents. I know they will receive a small Christmas gift. I told them it was a small gift (not their dream Lego or anything) and they should say thank you. Last time they received a gift from their Godmother they ripped the package open, sad Oh, placed it down and walked off to play. They were rude! I basically said don't be rude or this maybe the last gift you get from them! BOYS!!! Anyway, Sarah was jealous she will not be getting a gift tomorrow. She has different Godparents. I then remembered her birthday is next month. Actually Thomas remembered. How could she already be 7 years old? She is so small, and her language is very delayed. She seems more like a smart 5 year old. She has caught up a great deal, and we held her back one year in school. She is in her final year of kindergarten. The language is finally beginning to improve. She goes to a special school for kids that have speech delays. We never expected a delay from her. She was outspoken in China. But we speak both German and English at home. She understands both but speaks neither well. I finally have a speech therapist that's going to take her in the afternoons. She will probably go to a special grade school for kids that have speech delays. Thomas went to this sort of school. They only have 6 kids in a class room. The academic standards are very high. It's almost a privilege to go to this school. No crowded classrooms...lots of extra attention. I'm pretty sure she will get in to this school. We do "homework" nearly every day. She is counting, learning her letters, and coloring allot. Just one more month until the big birthday! She went to bed talking to herself about what she might want. And of course there was a party to plan...what dreams she will have. What sweet dreams!

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