Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Romanian orphans

I remember seeing the orphans in Romania on TV. I wonder if this wasn't the seeds of my passion for orphans? All I know is I told Juergen I wanted to adopt even when we were dating. I felt called to help meet the need I knew about. It can be dangerous to know too much. If you know there is a need, how can you walk away and do nothing? I was moved by what I saw...beginning with the Romanian orphans.

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  1. Romania and its former orphans 20 years after Ceausescu.

    Romania is now 20 years after the Revolution in December 1989 that saw the fall of the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and an end of the communist regime that had brought the Country to its knees, deprived the population of its freedom, impoverished the nation and had deprived children of their right to grow up within the family home.


    All Children Have Rights.
    Brian Douglas.