Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas shopping

What would I do with out eBay and Amazon? I just bought gifts for Thomas and Philip. I only need ideas for Nicole and Juergen, then I am done! I love shopping on line. I find just what I want and I don't need to fight for a good parking place or stand in line. Oh the joy!!!

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  1. So smart and safer. I remember one year going to the store to get my mother in law a christmas gift and when I came out of the store some one had hit my car leaving a huge dent in the passenger door not leaving any information. So the towels I bought on sale wasn't a sale at all. I ended up paying $250 for the deductible because the irresponsible party didn't leave any information. So if I do have to go to the store I park far away away from cars so I don't get hit.