Tuesday, November 24, 2009

to push past the fear

I just spent the last hour teaching Philip how to do some math. He was crying and had trouble paying attention (he does have ADHD). I think his biggest problem is a lack of confidence not a lack of intelligence. I wouldn't let him go until he learned how to do the problems. He finally started to learn. Then he could do an entire page of problems. Why? Because he learned the method. But he has so much fear that he is dumb. The truth is, he just didn't understand the method. So now he is proud, and we will show Papa what he has learned. I'm going to have to work with him every day until he really knows this stuff. Philip has a very poor memory, but we really made a giant step forwards. Who would fight for him if he was still in an orphanage? All children need parents to help lead, teach, and even push them to their potential.

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