Sunday, November 29, 2009

Advent Advent!

Today was the first Advent. Philip was excited to light the first candle. We begin our count down to Christmas. I pulled the ornaments out and sorted them. I’m taking two very big boxes of extra Christmas stuff to the second hand store tomorrow. It’s already in the car. Hopefully I will not find two more boxes of stuff to replace what I’m getting rid of.
I got to sit in the front row of a Christmas worship concert tonight (Heidelpraise). It was wonderful! Sarah sat in my lap. She was in a sour mood. She has been pretty moody lately. Thomas gets that way too around Christmas. I asked her if she would like a drum for Christmas and she said it was too expensive. I told her I already bought it. I asked if I should give it to Philip, she said no…she wanted it. She was so tired but didn’t want to sleep. She only smiled when they said it was the last song. Being a parent is work! But Christmas is very special with kids. The look forward to it. They love it. The boys have a tree in their bedroom. Sarah went to sleep with a Santa hat on, hugging a stuffed reindeer we bought last year. It would be so different without them. They wear me out…but I have a full heart.

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