Monday, October 5, 2009

adoption ministry

This morning I woke up with the idea of starting an adoption ministry in my church. Many churches in the US have adoption ministries but it's a new concept here in Germany. I thought since money is the big obstacle for most people who would like to adopt internationally, we could start a fund to give grants to families (including singles) that want to adopt. If I can find 50 families/individuals that could give 10 Euro per month, we could help pay for half of the adoption. I don't think Juergen will let us adopt again (not 100% sure). Still, I'm thinking about other folks in our church that may want to adopt. I want to help them. I also have an idea for a fund raiser. I thought maybe we could have a "best nativity" contest. We would charge people 10 Euros to enter the contest. I would look around to get donations to give a prizes. I would also have "best small group" category, and "best home made" category, and "best child's" category and maybe oldest nativity. Something like that... anyway all the money raised would go towards the adoption of a child. I have to talk to my pastor about this idea. Do any of you have adoption ministries in your church. What advise do you have for me?

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