Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fly Away Children

A Foreign Correspondent investigation in Ethiopia exposes a booming international adoption trade out of control – mothers duped into surrendering their children and some foreign families unsure if their adopted child was really an orphan after all.

HERE is the link to the video. This is a hard story to watch. It's so important to work with an agency that is licensed and registered. Investigate your agency to make sure it is good. If you adopt you want to help a child that needs the help. Know one wants to rob a family of their kids. There are rules in Ethiopia that a child must have lost at least one parent to be available for adoption. Often birth families really can not give that child a future, so they place them for adoption. This is an act of love. Still, it would be so wrong to be "harvesting" children for adoption. Aren't there enough real orphans in this world that really need help? Why in the world would any agency "harvest" children that already have families? I don't want to discourage people from adopting, just choose a good agency. Beware that this kind of stuff has happened. You want to be part of the answer, not part of the problem! This sort of thing happens in other countries too. We adopted all our children from orphanages. They were abandoned children all with special needs. I needed to know the birth families had made the choice to give them up. I did not take my kids away from their familis. They waited awhile in orphanages. They were real orphans, not acquired for adoption.

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