Thursday, August 6, 2009

When fun is the highest goal

I read a CNN post about Brad Pitt. He said he would not marry Angelina Jolie until gay marriage was legal. He thinks everyone should just have a right to be “happy”. That’s pretty easy for him to say. He has loads of money. He isn’t the single mother struggling to put food on the table and raising the kids alone. I’m sure there are loads of men in this world who just want to have fun. Commitment and responsibility to their family does not matter. Sure he is helping with the kids now, but what about tomorrow if he gets bored? Stupid institutions like marriage bring stability to our society. We are throwing away the institution, and having such a fun time!!! But the results stink! Especially for us non millionaire types! My son Philip is the only child in his class that has a father. The results? A bunch of wild kids that have mothers that can not say no. They are over worked and over stressed. How fun! Do I think its wrong to have single parents? No. I know a few single parents who have done a very good job. But I don’t think the “norm” should be single, fatherless families. Brad Pitt is parenting his kids (I think). But what he advocates is leading to allot of men having fun, then moving on. What remains is too much responsibility for mothers, and children who grow up in chaos. They say you don’t need marriage to be committed…but in my observation commitment is not there without marriage. I live in Germany. Many, if not most of the women are choosing not to marry. For some of these women, it works. For so many the kids are the losers. And where are the fathers? I think they also lose.
Children need fathers. It is clear to me we have a fatherless society...why? because fun is the highest goal.

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  1. Family is so important just ask the kids when they are adults and the chaos, and loneliness, and undisciplined the lack of commitment.
    So much is learned from parents who are united.

    Leo has parents, because of economics and jobs his parent lived in different towns and there was a period time the brothers lived in an apartment with no parents.

    He really appreciates the importance of commitment and family.

    He was really overwhelmed by Our family because Carmen had a large family with parents, and grandparents that were still married.

    He is so committed to Carmen.

    I remember when Carmen was in school half the parents were divorced and it was hard as a parent to keep your children focused on commitment.

    It's sad to hear that Philip is the only kid in his class that has parents together. So sad. I understand the challenge.

    As a country we have to fight for family rights.

    Without families the country falls apart.
    It's been proven in history time and time again.