Monday, August 3, 2009

my band

In many ways my kids remind me of my brother and sisters. They are home for summer vacation. It’s wet outside. They are bored. So now they are in the boy’s room making music. Thomas is strumming a guitar, Philip is on the drums and Sarah is singing. They are “famous in their own minds”. It’s loud and I could get a head ache. I actually love it. It’s wonderful to hear their joy. They don’t need a TV or computer. They have discovered the treasure of imagination. They have tapped into this amazing magic that only happens when time and siblings meet. This same magic happened in my own childhood. I can still remember the famous drama “Dracula bites the Teddy bear”. And I’ll never forget my sister Dianna singing “The Christmas Song” just like Barbra Streisand. My children were not even born in the same countries but they are siblings. They now make music together. I hope they will remember these long boring days of their childhood. I know I will.

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