Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A word from God

I went shopping for goodies to take to the orphanage in Bangkok. Today I was at the store to buy candy. I got hundreds of individually wrapped packages of gummy bears. I also found water balloons (I got 500 water balloons). Anyway, I was at the checkout counter when I received a word from God. There was the cutest little shopping bag hanging up behind the cashier. I asked how much it cost? She said 1 Euro. I said I would take it. It is small, and has children of the world holding hands. I thought it would be nice for Sarah. When she handed me the bag, I got choked up as I read what was printed on it. It was all I could do to finish paying for my things. I rushed to my car and just broke into tears. The bag read, Hoffnungsträger. This means carrier of hope. I feel called to do this...I felt like God spoke it to me directly. I certainly didn't expect to see this written on a shopping bag, but there it was. I can picture the kids in Bangkok as we bring them toys, candy and shoes. And I will take their photos too. Perhaps if they could have good photos people will look twice at them and consider adopting them? And it is my hope that Philip and Thomas will also bring hope to these kids. There is hope they (the waiting kids in Bangkok) too will find a family. I especially feel for the older children. They often lose hope...because who wants an older child anyway? These kids have such sad eyes. It is so hard to believe when know one ever comes for you.


  1. Trusting your trip to Thailand will be wonderful for all of you! and for the kids God leads you too.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love the bag! What a great idea.