Monday, July 6, 2009

Thai adoption

HERE is a link about Thai adoption. Juergen and I adopted our two son's Philip and Thomas from Thailand. We brought the boy's back to Thailand in 2006 for a visit. We are planning on returning to Thailand next month on vacation (I can not wait). There is a saying "everything in Thailand has it's time". This is a true statement. It takes time to adopt from Thailand. It is one of the cheapest countries in the world to adopt from, but the process is slow. Once you have your child, you need to do 3 follow-up home studies and then you apply for a formal adoption. It took over a year for our adoptions to be granted after those follow-up studies were done. So basically it takes 1-2 years to get your child, and another 1-2 years until the adoption is final. It was worth the trouble! They call Thailand the land of smiles. There is a special joy about the people. I have no trouble loving the homeland or culture of my sons. I love, Love, LOVE Thailand! Thailand prefers small families so there is very little chance of us ever being allowed to adopt from there again. We will be visiting the orphanage that Thomas and Philip lived in in Bangkok. I hope to take photos of waiting kids for AAI. Who knows? I will ask them if there is any chance we could bring one more home. The US adoption tax credit would cover almost all of a Thai SN adoption. Thailand also allows single women to adopt. Germany also does Thai adoption. If you are living in Germany and are interested , I have a good contact …just let me know.

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