Thursday, July 9, 2009

July's child

Tyler C is a 4-year-old boy from Maine who is hoping to be adopted. I saw Tyler on a waiting list of US kids. His profile say, "Tyler is energetic, affectionate and loves to talk. Interests: Tyler enjoys puzzles, playing outside and shopping". It also says he has no contact with birth family or siblings. That's actually a good thing if you don't live in Maine. HERE is his file. They say that there are nearly 200,000 US kids waiting in foster care available for adoption. I encourage you to consider a US adoption. I'm finding it hard to get anyone to answer my questions on US adoption because I live in Germany. Most states only want local people to adopt their kids (often because of a need to maintain family contacts). But there are some kids like Tyler that have no family contacts, and they just need a family. US adoption often just needs a home study. Fees are low or even free. Often the child is eligible for subsidies that include health care and even College costs.

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