Friday, June 12, 2009

before and after photos

we picture {this}

I fooled around with this photo of my 15 year old daughter Nicole. The photo was taken a week ago in Cyprus. The first photo is the original shot. Then I played with the light contrast. Then I cropped it. Then I made it black and white. I use an old software program called picture it. Finally I tried it using an antik effect and one more crop. I don’t actually have much technical knowledge…I’m learning.


  1. I think I like the 2nd edit best. Nicely cropped! I think I might have also tried to use a dodge tool to lighten her teeth (much cheaper and faster than professional teeth whitening, huh!). I do this all the time with my photos since everyone in my family drinks tea!

    Your daughter has a beautiful smile!

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  2. I think you did great! Her smile totally made me smile as well. :o) Great capture.

  3. I like how all the versions really changed the moods of the photos but each still captured her smile. well done :)

  4. Great edits, the BW is my fav!

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  5. Oh this is wonderful! What an infectuous smile she has. :) I think I like the black & white best!

  6. What a great shot - and edits! The second one is my favorite, but I love the last one too!