Saturday, June 27, 2009

7 older kids at WACAP

Hi, I read this on a yahoo web group and I thought I would pass it on. There are 7 waiting older kids I'm guessing are in China. Here is part of the post...

7 Children, Age 12 +, Healthy, EXCEPTIONS granted, China, up to $7000 reduced

We are looking for families for 7 healthy Children, Girls and boys, and a
sibling pair, they are 12 years old and one child is 10. Exceptions may be
possible, and up to $7000 in grants and reductions. Also 2 children with
special needs that are age 12 and 13.

Exceptions:. WACAP is willing to ask for possible exceptions for married parents
that do not meet the requirements for China. Only one exception per family. We
are sorry there are no exceptions granted for a history of cancer or for

Financial Aid: Promise child grants from $2000-$4000 for eligible families.
Please ask about a possible additional fee reduction of up to $3000 for some of
the children. The $500 pre approval fee has been waived. The $250 application
fee has been waived.

Please contact FamilyFinders@... or 1-800-732-1887. WACAP a non-profit adoption agency. There is no obligation to request a password
and see their photos on our secure web site.

Please feel free to forward this to your friends.WACAP is the only agency
advocating for these children.

Here are details on just one of the kids...

Violinist Healthy 12 year old girl. XL is in the sixth grade and likes to
play the violin, read, listen to music, and play badminton. She likes to go to
school because she likes to listen to the teachers teaching as well as play with
her classmates. During the Olympics she especially liked to watch swimming and
ping pong. She has many friends at the orphanage, especially the three or four
who share a room with her – they are her very good friends. When she disagrees
with her friends she will try to change the subject to reduce the problem.

She has no memory of her birth family. When asked what she thinks might be the
most difficult thing about being adopted, she said, "I can't talk to them in the
beginning." When asked what kind of family she would like to have, she said any
kind. When asked if there was one message she would like to share she said, "I
would like to have loving parents. Everyone says I am a happy girl, I hope I can
share my happiness with a new family

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