Monday, April 20, 2009


My good blog friend Jodi just tagged me to say 8 things about myself. My parents are here and we are about to watch a movie, so I'll make this quick...

8 things I look forward to...
* My brother is coming in 3 weeks and I'm taking him to Paris, and Cyprus. We are going to have an amazing time. I'm going to spoil him good!!!
*breakfast with my parents. They are visiting us from America, and we hope to have a nice breakfast in Heidelberg tomorrow.
* Watching my garden grow. It's going to be so nice this year!
* Just going to bed. I'm so tired I can not even say!
* Figuring out what's medically wrong with my son Philip.
* Juergen's 50Th birthday in June.

* I get a new car in 3 weeks, that will be cool.
* the day Juergen gives me the green light to adopt again.

8 things I did yesterday...
* I was in Holland yesterday. I took my parents to see an exhibit of Escher at a palace in the Hague.
* I also went to a great garden center and got some new plants.
* I drove 5 hours home.
* I listened to a book on tape "the voyage of the dawn trader" by CS Lewis.
* I kissed my kids and wonderful husband...I missed them.
* I slept in my own bed (I hadn't slept well in Holland).
* I had packed and unpacked the car.

* I spent the day with Jessica, Nicole and Mom and Dad.

8 shows I watch...
I don't watch 8 things. I hardly watch TV at all. I watch the News. I watch videos with my family, and they are waiting for me now so that's all from me for now! If you want to answer the above feel free to consider yourself Tagged!!!

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