Thursday, April 16, 2009

road trip

Tomorrow I plan to take Mom and Dad to Holland to see the flowers. We are taking Jessica and Nicole. Juergen is going to stay with Philip, Thomas, and Sarah. Sarah is awful on long drives so I'm glad she will not be with us. I am going to miss them, but it's good to get away. I love my family but I have to admit its stressful trying to meet the needs of such a variety of people. Thomas for example likes his music loud in the car, and Mom and Dad want quite. One wants to go fast, another must go's all too much!!! I feel very frazzled! Jessica and Nicole can go slow and quite. They will be a great match for my parents. We all love gardens and the sea air will be a welcome break for me...I have had headaches from the pollen! So I’m packing up and I am not going to bring my computer. I'll take allot of pictures. It's the nicest place to be if you love spring flowers (my personal favorite). Juergen and the kids will see allot of movies, eat allot of pizza, and play loud! My husband is the best! Have a nice weekend.


  1. Have a safe and quite journey. Love, Shelley

  2. you've been tagged!