Tuesday, April 14, 2009

points from the day

Sorry, no pictures today. I took my dad shopping today. I worked on the yard. I played ping pong with the boys. I cooked and cleaned. I visited with my parents. And the big thing I did was to teach Sarah to tie her own shoes. I'm very tired because my mom and dad are here and the kids are home on vacation. That's allot of personalities and needs to help meet. It's loud, and I have nearly zero time to blog. I'm ok with that. I miss my parents and I'm glad they are here. Juergen is cooking dinner tonight (frozen pizza). So I'm just checking in to say "Hi". I wish you could have seem the pride Sarah had when she tied her own shoe. My mom was there!!! Imagine that...Grandma got to witness that moment. It's so awful I live so far from my family!!!

1 comment:

  1. That is great that Sarah was able to share a special moment with grandma and you.

    Even if she were here she may not have learned in front of a relative. They do it when they do it.

    I know how exhausting it can be with lots of personalities, you love them all but it can be overwhelming.

    We experience that all the time.
    Because we are near family.

    What is novel to you is everyday to me and what is novel to me is everyday for you.

    life is funny that way.

    Love, Shelley