Friday, April 3, 2009

changes that make me sad

Some times I wonder if they really do have the Childs "best interest" in mind. I read on Rainbow kids that the privacy laws controlling adoption will be made stronger. Fewer and fewer children will be photo listed. Very little information will be made public about waiting children...this is to protect the privacy of the children. But what about that Childs right to a family? How could we respond to their need if we don't even know that they are there? It's true that many people sign up with agencies to adopt a "general" child. Often (most often) these families ask for healthy babies. I have no problem with that...none at all. But some of us adopt special needs kids. Asking for an SN kid is a little scary. It is when we see their photo, and read a little about them that makes us think, "I could deal with that sn" . I found all 3 of my adopted kids on waiting photo lists. When I saw their faces, and researched their needs I said OK, I can deal with that. I'm no Dr that knows all about SN's before hand. I'm afraid these new laws to protect privacy will only leave more sn kids with out families. I want to respect the law, but still advocate for waiting kids. I'm not really sure how I can do this with out being so general that I have zero affect? Adoption numbers are already dropping. I think so many of the new rules really do nothing but harm. I wonder if I would have ever found my kids with out waiting photo lists? Germans are not allowed to choose their adopted kids from a waiting list. Every adoption is from a referral. They can not ask for a boy or girl. Know one adopts SN kids here. Almost no one adopts here at all. How can this be protecting kids? The changes in adoption make me feel so sad! Why do they need to make things so hard? Children need family! Shouldn’t kids have a right to a family?

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  1. Everyone should have a family. Life is complicated and hard and difficult sometimes. The rules that are made to protect us some times back fire on us.
    We can pray and do our best. We have to trust God with the rest.
    He knows every tear, every heart and every child.
    I'm glad your so passionate about this topic and others, I'm sure your passion has touched others to do what they can.
    Love, Shelley